East African Court of Justice affirmed its jurisdiction on environmental issues; Serengeti Road blocked for now

Professor Wolfgang H. Thome reports on the decision of the Appeals Division of the East African Court of Justice upholding most of the ruling of the lower court requiring the stoppage of construction of a road that would cut across the Serengeti wilderness.

The East African Court’s decision does more than block the building of the road.  Indeed, the court’s decision isn’t about the road, but more on point to its jurisdiction over the East African  countries that have signed The East African Treaty.  The treaty is a declaration for the oversight of environmental resources including animal migration and general well-being of mutual animal resources.  This includes a wide range of habitat resources yet to be tested in the court.

This is a victory for East Africa as well as all conservationist for protecting the magnificent ecosystems of Africa.  Still, as mentioned by Serengeti Watch, a major activist mobilizing funding for this case, what we must do now is keep an eye on the Serengeti.  The battle is won but the earth’s resource continue to be attacked by many forces.

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