Pope Francis, Patron Saint of Animals


Pope Francis’s message resonates with conservationists who care for animal life.  His message speaks to everyone, or so it seems. His writing about quality of human life and the breakdown of society, the privatization of certain spaces and limited access to nature deserve more attention.

I am not Catholic but I find, as my friend Joan Casey brought to my attention, his encyclical letter  written to “every person living on this planet” is extremely insightful and appropriate.

The simple observation that there are too many humans on the planet and our methods for caring for one another, for sharing resources with non-humans needs attention, is admirable.  Nicholas Kristof’s A Pope for all Species  hits the nail on the head.  Not only is this Pope reaching out to animals but he might help heal the broken reputation of Christianity.  Welcome to the United States, Pope Francis.


2 thoughts on “Pope Francis, Patron Saint of Animals

  1. Yes, David, I too like this guy and his stand on the environment and the poor. But given the exploding human population – particularly in Africa where it will quadruple by the end of the century! – it is unbelievable and unconscionable that he and the Catholic Church still oppose birth control.


    1. Hi Dave: I agree too. I love Kenya and what I am about to say goes for the U.S. and other countries as well but, in 1962 there were 11 million Kenyans, 2004 33 million and in 2013 something over 40 million. At least the Pope has said “we shouldn’t reproduce like rabbits”. Even the expression suggest awareness. How can we stop?


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