Full Send Bike Ranch

Our home in Conifer is under attack by the Full Send Bike Ranch, an extreme mountain bike park to be built on public land with a lease that costs a fraction of the value to the environment it represents. I appreciate land being held in trust for all of Colorado. Still, ironically, Jefferson County has many public meetings to create documents like the 285 Corridor Plan, ignoring community input. It is death to the environment, especially animal corridors by 1000 cuts. The application has not reached Jefferson County’s Planning Department. When it does, those of us in opposition will attempt to speak out. We can only hope our voices will be heard. Already it appears to be a David and Goliath fight. In Colorado, so it seems, the emphasis is on development regardless of the cost to people, wildlife, and ecosystems. We object to building a 300 car parking lot in a riparian ecosystem eventually draining into Turkey Creek Canyon. This is only one aspect of a bad idea overwhelming nature’s capacity to absorb abuses brought to it. Feel free to join the clamor by signing the petition opposing this project. https://www.stopfullsendbikeranch.com/ Those of us, animals included, affected by this onslaught will appreciate the support. And in a larger sense, a line in the sand is drawn for preserving the future legacy of Colorado’s mountain environments. Thank you.