Colorado’s Petition to Stop the Ilegal Sale of Ivory

Please sign our petition:

If you have been following my posts, you know the efforts taking place around the world to stop the killing of elephants and rhinos.  I live in Colorado and invest a fair amount of time working and being in Kenya.  It seems remote but it is not, to bring the issue of poaching home to Colorado.  The world is such a small place and there is so much human life crowding out and competing for a spot to live on this tiny planet.  One way we can support countries in Africa is to visit them.  This is difficult because security is an issue.   This is changing as the threat of terrorism is an international issue and will diminish.  Indeed, I have don’t hesitate to invite people and friends to Kenya.  But you don’t have to participate in the economic development through travel to support a growing democracy.

The other thing one can do, regardless of where you live, is sign our petition banning the illegal sale and commercialization of animal products in Colorado.  It doesn’t matter where you live.  The petition is about demonstrating that people care and what the slaughter to end.  If you live in Colorado, all the better to sign the petition and add your name to the change we hope to bring about.

It matters to the elephants.  It matters more to our humanity.