My blog is a public place to write about my observations while living in Kenya.  I am a U.S. citizen engaged with a nongovernmental organization to protect wildlife, promote veterinary services, encourage alternatives to bushmeat and promote the existing ethic for animal care.  The nexus for working with animals is that place where animals meet people.  It is the crossroads where biology meets anthropology.  Nothing changes unless the human side of the equation is affected.  The animal kingdom is dependent on our stewardship. My interest is to offer accounting and management practices to nongovernmental organizations in Africa.  This, in turn, assists donor understanding of program accomplishments especially in the UK and the US where funders have an expectation for content as well as style.  Emerging organizations  seeking to develop a solid management reputation benefit from clearly presented financial statements and program progress reports.  I provide guidelines for developing internal controls assuring accountability for one organization serving people and animals in a country known for corruption.  These guidelines help to assure an understanding for agency integrity. My blog is about animal issues in Africa.  It is also about the administration of an organization formed for the public good.  Animal welfare is culturally different in Africa when comparing it to Europe and the West.   These pages are about life in an African NGO from several vantage points.  Philanthropy, policy formulation, accountability, human resource management and governance are some of the areas of interest.  Perhaps I will touch on all of them. Write me.  I am interested in connecting with like-minded people who are engaging or have an interest in the tossing of one starfish at a time back into the ocean.

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