Saving the Serengeti, 23 Day’s Campaign

Only 23 days remain in our effort to raise what is becoming an incredible amount of money.  So far, in this campaign, $1,000 has been donated to block the construction of the a road across the Serengeti.  Thank you, thank you to the people who have donated so far. This adds to the tens of thousands of dollars already given in this battle.

I am asking one last time for your consideration, if you have not donated. Please consider a gift of any amount.  The Africa Network for Animal Welfare (ANAW) went out on a limb funding this case.  It has spent funds it really should not have, to bring attention to the degradation of migration routes across the Serengeti that affects the Maasia Mara in Kenya.

The Tanzanian Government appealed the case won in East African Court of Justice last year  Judgment-Ref.-No.9-of-2010-Final.  Winning the case thus far was accomplished in partnership and due to the efforts of Friends of the Serengeti and Serengeti Watch.  Their partnership with us has been phenomenal.   The appeal should be finalized in another ruling by the court very soon.

If you find it in your priorities to give to ANAW and this effort, the staff and board in Nairobi, as well as the board in Denver Colorado, will be very grateful.  You will be helping to recoup funds ANAW has lent to this cause, funds it does not really have to champion this cause.

Again, thank you to those of you who have made a contribution.  Everything and anything helps.  If you haven’t really thought about it, if you haven’t contributed, please consider this last request and visit the donation site.  I will keep you informed and post the ruling of the court decision to uphold or remove the current prohibition on building the road across this World Heritage Site.


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