Colorado Gives Day and ANAW, December 10, 2019

ANAW in Kenya continues to make a difference for the country by promoting conservation and habitat protection. Its accomplishments include the creation of humane education programs for 44 Nairobi’s schools, experiential trips for visiting graduate students from the United States, United Kingdom, and China. Significantly, ANAW has guided the way for collaborations with other NGO’s and the United Nations promoting the adoption of conservation and animal care best practices throughout East Africa.

ANAW-USA is a Colorado based organization with volunteers throughout the U.S. partnering with friends in Kenya. Together a One Health approach has been adopted to assist African communities create conservation initiatives leading to economic development benefiting the sustainability of non-humans populations as well as humankind. ANAW works to do both, to be human, and to be kind.

Now, during this time of Colorado Giving Day, I encourage like-minded people wherever you live in the U.S., to make a contribution to ANAW. Your gift will be increased through a $1.5 million Incentive Fund.

Thank you,

David Gies

(Combined Federal Campaign designation)

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